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Jessica Langemeier. Consumer Dummies. Randy Ingermanson. Wendy Foster. Margreet Kwakernaak. Kathleen Brooks. Michelle M. Liam Healy. Wendy M. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Project Management Software. Description Microsoft Office Project All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is a compilation of multiple short reference-style books covering Microsoft Project, enhanced by the format of a single, easy-to-use, task-oriented step-by-step package.

All-in-One For Dummies books are made up of multiple minibooks that could each stand alone. Each minibook covers one topic completely. This book features a companion Web site where readers can download Microsoft Project add-ins, templates, and author-generated materials. The book also features a gate-fold cheat sheet that contains myriad quick-reference information, tips, and shortcuts for reference when using Microsoft Project Other books in this series.

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Psychology For Dummies Adam Cash. Ukulele For Dummies Alistair Wood. Biochemistry For Dummies John T. Sailing For Dummies J. Dutch For Dummies Margreet Kwakernaak. Back cover copy 10 books in your key to success with Microsoft Project! Your one-stop guide to managing your business with the world's 1 project management software Want to save time and money with Microsoft Project?

This friendly guide arms you with an arsenal of tools to get productive right away, featuring coverage of Project Server, Project Web Access, reporting, master projects, collaboration tools, and more.

Microsoft Project 2007 All-in-one Desk Reference For Dummies

Plus, it's packed with real-world case studies to help you keep projects on schedule and on budget! Create tasks Set a schedule and resolve timing problems Review and analyze data Assign resources and total up costs Import and export Outlook data Use macros show more. Table of contents Introduction. Book I: Project Management. Chapter 1: A Project Management Overview. Chapter 4: Exploring the Project Environment.

A Quick Guide to GPLv3 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

Chapter 5: What's New in Project Book II: Project Basics. Chapter 1: Building a Project Plan. Chapter 2: Creating That First Task. Chapter 3: Exploring Task Views. Chapter 4: Working with Calendars. Chapter 5: Getting Help. Chapter 1: Organizing the Structure of a Project Plan. Chapter 2: Assigning Outline Codes to Tasks.

Chapter 4: Linking and Consolidating Projects. Chapter 1: Looking at Timing. Chapter 3: Adding Dependencies. Chapter 4: Working with Constraints and Deadlines. Book V: Working with Resources and Costs. Chapter 1: Creating Resources. Then, you perform any of over 30 different types of analysis on your data set, depending on your situation.

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StatTools provides a comprehensive and intuitive data set and variable manager right in Excel. You can define any number of data sets, each with the variables you want to analyze, directly from your data in Excel.

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StatTools fully supports the expanded worksheet size in Excel Plus, you can define variables that span multiple worksheets. Once your data sets have been defined, choose a procedure from the StatTools menu or write your own, custom procedure. Custom statistical procedures may be added using Excel's built-in VBA programming language, which allows you to utilize StatTools's built-in data management, charting and reporting tools.

Statistical Inference: This group performs the most common statistical inference procedures of confidence intervals and hypothesis tests. Forecasting: StatTools gives you several methods for forecasting a time series variable. You can also deseasonalize the data first, using the ratio-to-moving-averages method and a multiplicative seasonality model. Finally, several time series plots are available, including a plot of the original series, a plot of the series with forecasts superimposed, and a plot of the forecast errors.

In cases using deseasonalized data, these plots are available for the original and deseasonalized series. Classification Analysis: StatTools provides both discriminant analysis and logistic regression. Data Management: This group allows you to manipulate your data set in various ways, either by rearranging the data or by creating new variables.

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In addition, StatTools gives you the option of creating two new variables: the fitted values and residuals. Plus, you can create a number of diagnostic scatterplots. Quality Control Charts: This set of procedures produces control charts that allow you to see whether a process is in statistical control. Each of the procedures takes time series data and plots them in a control chart. This allows you to see whether the data stay within the control limits on the chart. You can also tell if other nonrandom behavior is present, such as long runs above or below the centerline.

Each of these procedures provides the option of using all the data or only part of the data for constructing the chart. Furthermore, each lets you base the control limits on the given data or on limits from previous data.

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Nonparametric Tests: Nonparametric tests are statistical procedures which can be used to make successful inferences when there is little available data. They are more robust than many of the widely known parametric hypothesis tests. Nonparametric tests do not always need the parametric assumptions—such as normality—or generalized assumptions regarding the underlying distribution. In most cases, the nonparametric tests are much easier to apply and provide clearer interpretation than traditional parametric tests.

StatTools is a true add-in to Microsoft Excel, integrating completely with your spreadsheet.

Microsoft Project 2013 fr Dummies German Edition

Browse, define, analyze — while never leaving Excel. DLLs, not macro calculations.

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