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I can't bring myself to release new music unless it has a certain something that makes it unique and memorable. In the case of Adrift, that certain something is the way it blends soft, warm pad sounds with ethereal harmonics. It's this sonic balance that gives the music its personality, its identity.

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It can take quite a lot of patience to create music like this; not so much during the composition process itself, but in the tasks that I undertake before and after composition. I spent days exploring sounds before I selected the instruments that form the sonic palette of Adrift, and the shaping of those sounds once the composition was complete took longer still.

And that's my payoff - that feeling that I get from knowing that, no matter how simple a composition may appear to be, that it has integrity, that it has its own personality, and that when I listen to it a year down the track I can say to myself, "Yes - I really captured the sound and the feeling I was after.

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This music will never take centre stage. It will never win an emmy. But it will quietly go about it's job of bringing peace, harmony and healing to many people.

Adrift in the Sound

Complex, troubled, and gifted, Lizette connects with the natural world on such a deep level that she pulled me along until I stood beside her marveling at the natural beauty of an ocean wave, or the fearsome power of the killer whales as they hunt in the Sound, or the subtle simplicity of an old Indian woman dancing in a mask of feathers and bear skin.

She broke my heart as we watched a seal taken by a predator, or a pet dog injured. Check it out. Original review ran July 24, No typos to mention. Some graphic scenes and bad language used appropriately. Reviewed by: Pete Barber.

Adrift - Music Producer - Toronto | SoundBetter

Approximate word count: , words. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Want music for your tv,movie or commercial?

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I have an extensive library of instrumentals for every mood! I have a very professional setup that allows me to record Sounds See Gear Highlights that a lot of other producers can't. If you want a full song: I can make an entire song around your vocals tailored to whatever genre you choose.

If you want live instrumentals: I can record Piano, Synths and Drums on my own and can bring in a friend for Guitar. For Movie, Commercials Or TV: I have created a Personal Library for every mood to properly suit whatever you are looking for if you would like instrumentals.

A: My music has a lot of soul and i put my heart into everything i do which i believe the listeners would respond to. A: I run fl studio with a couple monitors and vocal booth for recording. In addition i have several synths for some cool live recordings plus a drum kit. Search by credits or 'sounds like' and check out audio samples and verified reviews of top pros.

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Contact pros directly with your project details and receive handcrafted proposals and budgets in a flash. Fund and work on your project through our secure platform.

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Payment is only released when work is complete.