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  1. 1970's Green Bay Packers Multi Signed Game Ball (Light Signatures)....
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  5. Saturday–Tuesday, April 13–16, 12222; Denver, Colorado

As people pass by, Fagan and his interns give fairgoers the opportunity to try out the app, including several music students at AU.

1970's Green Bay Packers Multi Signed Game Ball (Light Signatures)....

Their reactions are similar: they find the app useful, and several even tell Fagan they would definitely download the app. LightSignature puts music theory right at the fingertips of the user, simplifying what normally would take years of training and memorization, Fagan said. It contains a hardware piano keyboard with lighted piano keys that show users which notes belong to different key signatures and modes, allowing them to play along with a particular piece of music or to even create their own tunes.

The app also contains multiple other instruments, such as guitar, cello and clarinet. It is currently a digital prototype for a hardware instrument that Fagan has spent years working to build and manufacture.

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When he realized there were no keyboards in the market that met his requirements, Fagan submitted a provisional patent application and worked with an attorney to have his patent approved. While taking the capstone course, Fagan was very self driven and required very little assistance, according to his professor Rogerio Naressi. LightSignature was an excellent demonstration of persistence and good planning and execution. Naressi also provided a few suggestions to make the app more interesting for keyboard players like himself.

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Easy Translation-- iPhone. Smart Translator! Speckle - Lens bokeh iOS Universal. Active Voice! Recommendations Based On Your Interests. Newest iOS Apps. The identified location and quantity information for erroneous data, in conjunction with the optional error correction code, is then utilized to correct all errors in at least the encrypted identifier portion of the code read from the storage medium. The resultant encrypted identifier is therefore retrieved from the storage medium on the item without error. Filed: April 6, Inventors: Frank D. Tucker, Leonard Nunley.


Device authentication system for on and off line use. Abstract: A verification system for cards or other devices with an anticounterfeit characteristic and an escort memory, wherein for lower or routine levels of security, the escort memory serves to confirm part of the anticounterfeit characteristic and for higher levels of security a central station memory is employed to confirm another part of the anticounterfeit characteristic.

Distinction between levels of security is determined on the basis of time or other criteria imposed from the central station. Filed: February 2, Date of Patent: January 3, Non-counterfeitable document system. Abstract: A system is disclosed for authenticating an object on the basis of certain physical phenomena or character, specifically, measurable, but not practicably duplicable random variations in the object.

In one form, the object authenticator T is a paper tag having a reference space 14 , the varying translucency pattern of which is a measurable but practicably unduplicable characteristic of the paper. The reference space 14 is sensed to provide reference signals indicative of the varying translucency. A reference numeral 10 is then provided from some registered form, as on the tag or in a list. If the numeral 10 is readily accessible, it likely will be cryptographically encoded. Note the value of putting encoded information on the tag to avoid the need for large reference files.

Leslie Ebert - Light Signatures | LensCulture

For verification, freshly sensed reference signals, as from the tag T actually characteristic of the tag are compared with signals that previously were sensed as characteristic of the tag T. Filed: April 30, Date of Patent: November 15, Weighted-pixel characteristic sensing system. Abstract: A system for sensing a characteristic of a document, e. The identified window area is illuminated to provide radiation from the area which is sensed by pixel dissection so that pixels of central location in the window area are weighted for greater significance.

The pixel weighting attributes greater significance to the central portion of the defined area thereby increasing the tolerance of the system to misalignment of the window area. The observed characteristic is reduced to signal representations which are compared with registered values as to authenticate the document. Pixel-weighting techniques include overlapped pixels, filtered pixels and algebraically weighted pixels. Date of Patent: May 31, Gold, Vahakn K.

Saturday–Tuesday, April 13–16, 12222; Denver, Colorado

A tag reader senses the machine-readable identification number may also verify the tag and addresses the memory means for registering information to specifically identify the tag and indicate batch information. Filed: December 31, Date of Patent: April 19, Secure card and sensing system. Abstract: An identification card is disclosed as for supporting commercial or other significant transactions involving a designated subject.

The card incorporates a machine-readable record and is produced with an individual birefringent characteristic to modulate a light beam for card identification. In one embodiment, the card incorporates apparent stress waves to modulate an orientation-frequency characteristic e.

The machine-readable record on the card indicates the characteristic birefringence for confirming the card to be authentic. Methods are disclosed for producing and testing the cards. A system is disclosed for sensing card characteristics by modulated light including polarized light techniques to record and verify the cards with allowance for changes, as by card aging.

Filed: August 25, Date of Patent: March 29, Anticounterfeit card-sensing mechanism. Abstract: A transducer apparatus for use with cards bearing a magnetic recording stripe and having an optically sensible anticounterfeit uniqueness characteristic, the apparatus including a sensor for the anticounterfeit characteristic which scans the card by a small discrete window of perception, pixel.

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The apparatus isolates predetermined areas of perception for the card, so as to verify on the basis of signals from a prior observation recorded by the magnetic stripe. Areas of perception, pixel size, are less than one sixty-fourth of a square inch. The magnetic sensing head of the apparatus is mounted with the anticounterfeit sensor to accommodate common resilient displacement with movement relative to a card. Filed: May 8, Date of Patent: February 2, Inventor: Thomas C.

Bi-stable paper separator.

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  6. Abstract: A separator for segregating alternate sheets of paper traveling in a sequential stream and directing them into different exit passages comprising a housing, a guide and a bi-stable apparatus. The housing defines an entry passage and a pair of exit passages. The guide is constructed for alternately deflecting the sheets in said stream into different exit passages. The bi-stable apparatus mounts the guide between the entry and exit passages of the housing so that the guide has two stable positions and the guide shifts between these positions in response to a sheet of paper passing by it into one of the exit passages.